Leaving Well Utah (LWU) has been recently formed under the auspices of the Utah Hospital Association with the goal to improve end of life care in Utah for patients and their families.  Over the past twenty-five years there have been a number of important efforts by many organizations and groups to improve end of life care in Utah.  LWU aims to continue to collaborate with these organizations and groups but will have a focus on working with healthcare providers, public officials and the public at large to continue to improve end of life care and experiences in Utah for patients and families.

Under the direction of Healthinsight (now “Comagine”), the End of Life Care Partnership published in 2003 the “End of Life Care in Utah: The Report Card” which was the first real look at end of life in Utah with recommendations. This report showed that Utah could do a number of things to improve end of life care. This group also had real success in educating the public more on this issue but unfortunately is no longer in existence.

In 2010, Heathinsight again led an effort to receive a federal grant to help improve end of life care in Utah and collaborated with many to put together a robust public website, increase public awareness, hold an annual conference and provide healthcare provider education(which both continue to this day).  Unfortunately, when the grant ended after a few years it became difficult to maintain the broader momentum they had created.

In 2017, there was discussion at the Utah Hospital Association about becoming more engaged in this issue and from those discussions the effort to move ahead and lead with Leaving Well Utah has come to fruition.

Our Mission

The Mission of Leaving Well Utah is to collaborate effectively to give patients the right care at the right place that follows the wishes of the patient and their caregivers.