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pdf Personal Priorities and Spiritual Values Important to Your Medical Decisions
People have personal priorities and spiritual beliefs that affect their medical decisions. Use the questions in this tool to help consider what decisions might be right for you.

Exit Lines
Advice on how to make farewell conversations less stressful and more meaningful.

An initiative to change expectations for end-of-life with easy-to-access, simple-to-understand information and resources to make educated decisions about end-of-life care.

How To Write An Ethical Will
Writing an ethical will may seem difficult. However, it can be viewed as the writing of a love letter to your family. Ethical Wills can include personal and spiritual values, hopes, experiences, love, and forgiveness. It may well be one of the most cherished gifts you can give to your family. 

How to Handle Family Dynamics Around a Dying Loved One
Guidelines to help families navigate these stressful and emotionally challenging times.

pdf Conversation Scripts Getting Past the Resistance
Communication is the single most important step in health care planning. Learn why talking about your wishes with the people who may be called upon to speak or decide for you is important. 

Dealing with Grief
Tips for confronting painful emotions and easing the healing process of grief.

Hello Grief
A place to learn and share about grief and loss. 

Grief and Loss Fact and Tip Sheet
Types of grief, symptoms of grief, stages of grief and tips for helping the bereaved are available.