Grief Support

Grief is often complicated and can last from two to five years in duration. Those who are left behind may feel misunderstood by their loved ones and often don't want to burden them with their pain. Finding support through a professional counselor or support group can ease the complex emotions surrounding grief. Seeking help is particularly important for addressing depression. It is never too early or too late to get help dealing with grief.

There are many choices for grief support. Many facilities, such as hospitals, hospice agencies, and funeral homes offer free support groups. Health insurance plans may offer support group referrals. Some plans include mental health benefits that can cover the cost of a professional counselor or therapist. Check with individual carriers for coverage specifics.

Families who choose hospice may benefit from their services and ongoing grief support and validation. 


pdf Statewide Bereavement Resources
A list of free support groups offered in Utah.

pdf Utah Area Agencies on Aging
A list of support groups, as well as other services, offered in Utah. 

Hello Grief
A place to learn and share about grief and loss.

The Sharing Place
Provides grief support to children and their parents

Seniors Blue Book for Utah
Many resources available for seniors, including housing and aging well. 

The Senior Resource Directory
This free guide is designed to help mature adults, their family members and caregivers connect with governmental entities and other for-profit and non-profit organizations providing services that help them live independent, healthy lives.