Advance Health Care Planning

pdf Advance Health Care Planning

Good advance planning is a continuing conversation as values and priorities can change.

pdf After Death Decisions to Think About Now

After the death of a loved one, family and friends are often left with tough decisions. Communicating answers to these questions in advance can help ease the pain and anxiety of those who are grieving.

pdf Are Some Conditions Worse than Death?

Questions to help determine preferences for certain medical treatments.

pdf Conversation Scripts: Getting Past the Resistance

Communication is the single most important step in health care planning. Learn strategies to start and continue the conversation.

pdf Health Care Agent IQ Test

This short test can evaluate how well a person and his health care agent have communicated about end-of-life issues, and encourage improvement.

pdf Making Medical Decisions

This tool offers questions to ask a health care provider when trying to understand a situation and make a treatment decision. 

pdf Personal Priorities and Spiritual Values Important to Your Medical Decisions

People have personal priorities and spiritual beliefs that affect their medical decisions. This tool helps clarify those preferences, to inform end-of-life decision making.

pdf Selecting Your Health Care Agent

How to choose the best family member or friend to act as an agent, based on the characteristics that a good agent should possess.

pdf Tool Kit for Advance Health Care Planning

A variety of self-help worksheets, suggestions, and resources to help with the end-of-life process. The toolkit includes all the tools listed on this page.

pdf Weighing the Odds of Survival

An exercise to help determine preferences for certain medical treatments.